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Arc Tech, LLC is a testing and inspection agency, specializing in the evaluation of welds. Welding is the heart of our company. Years of experience in welding, weld inspection, and material testing support this core.

Arc Tech has served the Intermountain West and California since 1997. Our personnel, drawn from the metal fabrication industry, possess the deep understanding of fabrication and production welding needed to keep your project on schedule and on track.

William Komlos, AWS Senior Certified Welding Inspector, is recognized as an expert in the welding field. He has developed complex welding procedures over the years that comply with Military, ASME, API, and AWS welding codes. His extensive experience welding stainless steels, clad steels, and super alloys provides technical support to various engineering design teams. He has been a contributor to AISC seismic research projects. He is currently engaged in groundbreaking research to reduce residual welding stresses and accompanying distortion in jumbo shape structural weldments. Komlos’ projects have been featured in the AWS Welding Journal. MC Magazine, the NPCA trade journal, recently published his article on welding reinforcing steels.

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